Why Sweet Pea Box?

Sweet Pea Box is the convenient and personalized way of sending a gift to your loved ones. It's the perfect gift for grandma, grandpa, mom, dad or someone else. Whether they live down the road or across the country, Sweet Pea Box has you covered.

You're busy, we get it!

We created Sweet Pea Box as the easy way of connecting with those that matter most to us. Our processes make it convenient for you to send a smile whether it's a one time purchase or on a monthly basis. All that needs to be done is provide some basic information about your loved one, a note/pictures and we'll take care of the rest.

Loneliness sucks!

The feeling of loneliness is overwhelming and impacts those that we care about. Most of the time, our loved ones don't complain and remain very stoic. Sweet Pea Box helps by sending pictures, a special note and some swag that will simply say "you're in our thoughts".

Happiness delivered!

Most importantly, we wanted to make it easier to deliver a little more happiness in this world. Giving a gift typically brings out the best in those who are sending it as well as receiving it. We don't think that a few extra smiles will hurt anyone!