Sending a Sweet Pea Special Occasion Box

Special occasions typically happen less than a few times per year for your loved one. We try to make it a little more special with a few things that will make them smile. Here are a few suggestions whether it's a birthday, anniversary or other occasion.

Before starting about each of these occasions, we touched upon the following in a previous article. For more details, click on the links below:

  • Pictures - You can include up to (3) 4x6 photos in each Gift Box, Memory Box, Caring Card or Sweet Pea Bundle. Learn more by clicking here.
  • Caring Cards - Each one is handmade and you can include a short message on the card. Learn more by clicking here.
  • Special Notes - Every note is about 5x7 in size that can hold approximately 100 words. Learn more by clicking here.

Each special occasion box will include gifts, up to 3 pictures, a handmade birthday card with a short message and a special note. 

Birthday Box

Here are a few things that we would recommend with the Birthday Box:

  • Have fun! - Perhaps send a picture of your family or pet celebrating your loved ones birthday! Birthdays only come around once a year!
  • Bring back a memory - You can bring up a fond memory with your special note or simply let them know how much you care.
  • Get personal - Personalize your message with a name or phrase that your loved one knows. An example is "Happy Birthday Papa". 

Get Well Box

A few recommendations with the Get Well Box are:

  • Be supportive - Telling someone special that you wish them a rapid recovery or that they are in your thoughts is priceless. Saying something simple like "We hope you get well soon" is motivating.
  • Send a smile - Regardless of your age, not being well is challenging for anyone. Sending a happy picture or pleasant thoughts will typically put them in better spirits.

Anniversary Box

One of our favorites! A few suggestions for the Anniversary Box are:

  • Congratulate them! - Some couples have been together for a few years or 50 years. Congratulating them on their success will be appreciated.
  • Reminisce - Bringing up a fond memory of their relationship in your special note will typically get them to smile.

Thinking Of You Box

You will be surprised how a little "thinking of you" gift will brighten up their day. Here are a few ideas for the Thinking Of You Box are:

  • Bring back a story - We know you have a story that this person might have inspired you one way or another. Letting them know how much that person means to you will matter quite a bit to them.
  • Send a picture - Let them know how you are doing with a picture of yourself, family or whatever you would like. You could also include a favorite spot you went to with this person in the past.

Encouragement Box

We all need some encouragement along the way. A few suggestions for the Encouragement Box are:

  • Inspire them - Letting them know that they can "beat" whatever is happening will keep them motivated. 
  • Let them know you're there - Encourage them to reach out to you by phone, email, in person or any other way that's possible.
  • Get personal - Mention a few things that will bring back fond memories in your special note.