Getting a Sweet Pea Box for your spouse or partner

Sending something to your spouse or partner is not easy. Most of the time, they know what you're up to which makes it a bit challenging! Sweet Pea Box makes it easy to let them know that they are appreciated and reminisce about the good times. Here are a few suggestions:


We haven't met someone yet that does not like getting a picture of their family, pet or something else. Some of the creative images that we have seen include imagery of places that are meaningful to loved ones. Whether it's a picture of you or a restaurant that you frequent, they will appreciate it.


Yes, notes still matter. Think of when you were in school and the giddiness that happened when notes were passed around. They are still meaningful especially when you can tell them how much you care.

Our Recommendation

Spouses and partners are tough. However, a simple Caring Card or the Sweet Pea Bundle will bring a smile. Our handmade Caring Cards are filled with a few pictures of your choosing and the Sweet Pea Bundle will deliver a mixture of photos, cards, gifts and more.