Getting a Sweet Pea Box for someone special

Sending someone special a Sweet Pea Box will let them know you care. It's these acts of kindness that will be meaningful to them and will brighten up their day. They might just give you a call afterwards or sending you something in return.

Here are a few suggestions to send a Sweet Pea Box to someone special:


Depending upon who this person is, you might want to get creative and have some fun. You can send a picture of something that will make them laugh or bring back a fond memory. 


A little note saying that "you matter" will surely bring a smile to them. You can mention why you think that person is special or bring up a fond memory. 


We haven't met someone yet that doesn't like to receive a gift in the mail. Especially, if you include a few pictures as well as note letting them know why you think they are special!

Our Recommendations

We recommend a Caring Card or the Sweet Pea Bundle for whoever that you think is special. They will get a handmade card, a framed picture and a box of happiness that will certainly get them smiling.