Getting a Sweet Pea Box for your grandparents

Our company was built to help you stay connected with those that matter most to you. Unfortunately, grandparents are sometimes overlooked with the busy lives that most lead. Sweet Pea Box helps by sending some happiness to your loves ones for as long as you would like.

Here are a few suggestions:


Yes, they will make them smile as soon as they see the photo. A picture of you or something that they cherish will bring up a fond memory. Send them a picture of yourself, family or something else that would bring them some joy.


A note sounds old school but they love it! We print special notes in a larger & easy to read font to make it more readable. A little note letting them know they are in your thoughts will go a long way.


Often times grandparents aren't able to get out much so a little gift comes in handy. We recommend something small in case they don't have much room in their living environment. Whenever they use the gift you sent then they will be thinking of you.

Our Recommendation

We recommend the Memory Box or the Sweet Pea Bundle for grandparents. Most grandparents cherish pictures of their family and quite honestly will show off the cards that are sent to their friends. The Sweet Pea Bundle combines all that we have that and is sent individually over a 3 month period of time (Month 1 - Caring Card, Month 2 - Memory Box & Month 3 - Gift Box). Regardless of what you choose, they will appreciate whatever you send.